ALLSPORTS:HEALTH Wellness Vit E & Royal Jelly 60 Capsules

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  • Natural anti-coagulant
  • Oxygen-carrying properties
  • Helps the prevention of varicose veins, thrombosis and blood clots
  • 200i.u. of natural vitamin E
  • 50mg of Royal Jelly
Vitamin E is a natural anti-coagulant and contains oxygen-carrying properties. It plays an important role in helping to prevent varicose veins, thrombosis or blood clots and will keep the heart and lungs in good working order. The oxygen-carrying properties mean that vitamin E helps to maintain healthy skin and eyes, and strengthens the body’s natural defence against illness and infection. Our Vit E & Royal Jelly capsules combine 200 i.u. of natural vitamin E with 50mg of Royal Jelly - the only food eaten by the Queen Bee. It is rich in proteins, fatty acids, B vitamins and various minerals and is now a popular ingredient in beauty products. Our unique combination is excellent for skin health.
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Nutritional Information Active Ingredients per capsule: Vitamin E 200i.u (1117% RDA) Royal Jelly 50mg
Ingredients D-Alpha Tocopherol, Royal Jelly, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate. No artificial colourings, flavourings or sweeteners. Gluten Free
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