Allsports Nutrition was established in 1971 and for the last 48 years has worked closely with top athletes to tailor-make the wide range of products that we have available. We are the longest established UK sports nutrition supplements company.

1st sports nutrition company in the UK to supply a 90% dairy protein formula 
1st sports nutrition company in the UK to manufacture our own protein blends
1st sports nutrition company in the UK to use whey protein.

Our Philosophy

We are a family owned and run business, passionate about our products and our customers. We maintain close relationships with leading cyclists, athletes and bodybuilders who provide us with valuable feedback about our products and help us test new products both in training and in competition.
We are specialists in the manufacture of protein and carbohydrate powder blends not only for serious competing athletes but also for everyday general fitness trainers.
We are proud of the fact that we make all of our own powder blends at our premises in South Yorkshire.
Whilst most other supplements are created in large manufacturing plants abroad and mixed in large volumes, we mix in small batches using tumbler blenders. This ensures better quality control and a more uniform distribution of nutrients, which produces a far superior blend. This also means that we can guarantee that there is no cross contamination between products during manufacture and none of our products contain any banned substances - a very important factor for competing athletes.

Our Products

Our products are 100% legal, they work, they are affordable and they benefit world champions and novices alike. 
Our wide range of supplements are designed to help improve performance in many different ways -

  • speed up recovery
  • provide energy
  • build and repair muscle
  • provide essential nutrients.

Some of our products are aimed at serious competitors whilst others will help anyone wanting to improve their general fitness.

Registered in England No. 2164942