We're making something different...

Allsports Nutrition has been taking sports nutrition and health seriously since 1971 when our doors first opened on the very first Allsports Health Food Shop. We quickly realised that to maintain high standards in our products we needed to cut out the middle man and make them ourselves.


So we did.


Our family has been developing and producing innovative and effective sports supplements for 50 years this year - longer than any other UK company. Over the years we've had the privilege of working with professionals leading their field who have helped us to engineer some of the most advanced and effective supplements available - all whilst maintaining the highest quality and our personal guarantee of a 100% free from banned substances range of products.

We still manufacture in the same small-batch tumbler method to ensure total control and uniform distribution of nutrients. We have a couple of firsts under our belt as well...

1st sports nutrition company in the UK to supply a 90% dairy protein formula 
1st sports nutrition company in the UK to manufacture our own protein blends
1st sports nutrition company in the UK to use whey protein.


A bit of history...

We are a family owned and run business, passionate about our products and our customers. We maintain close relationships with leading cyclists, athletes and bodybuilders who provide us with valuable feedback about our products and help us test new products both in training and in competition.

Launched back in 1971 by Robin Story, then 27 and a keen bodybuilder, as he couldn't find a single decent protein supplement available on the UK market. Options available in the early 70's were predominantly US imports and were either incredibly overpriced or so unpalatable they weren't even worth their weight as animal feed! Fast forward 50 years and Allsports is now celebrating five successful decades in the nutrition industry, having worked alongside many professional athletes leading their field creating designer fuels that actually work towards improving your performance.

Allsports is now on its 2nd generation of leadership with Robin's youngest daughter Joanna and son-in-law Mark having been at the helm for the last 11 years.

We have a well-stocked archive showcasing a selection of out best bits of the last 50 years, this is constantly updated so is worth taking a look! Click here

Original Allsports Van 1970'sOriginal HeadquartersOriginal Workspace for Staff


A bit about our methods...

We are specialists in the manufacture of protein and carbohydrate powder blends not only for serious competing athletes but also for everyday general fitness trainers.
We are proud of the fact that we make all of our own powder blends at our premises in South Yorkshire.
Whilst most other supplements are created in large manufacturing plants abroad and mixed in large volumes, we mix in small batches using tumbler blenders. This ensures better quality control and a more uniform distribution of nutrients, which produces a far superior blend. This also means that we can guarantee that there is no cross contamination between products during manufacture and none of our products contain any banned substances - a very important factor for competing athletes.

We have always made our blends this way as it is the only way you can ensure consistency of quality across each batch made. Each 25/50Kg batch demands a high level of care and attention to ensure we can always deliver on our promise to you: Allsports products are sports supplements that work.


Our Products

Our products are 100% legal, they work, they are affordable and they benefit world champions and novices alike. 
Our wide range of supplements are designed to help improve performance in many different ways -

  • speed up recovery
  • provide energy
  • build and repair muscle
  • provide essential nutrients.

Some of our products are aimed at serious competitors whilst others will help anyone wanting to improve their general fitness.


We manufacture products for our own brand but we also manufacture powder blends for other brands too. If you are a nutrition business looking for quality products, made in the UK by expert hands you can get in touch here.


The Made in Britain collective mark unites the British manufacturing sector and helps consumers, buyers and specifiers identify products that are made in Britain. The Made in Britain mark is accredited to businesses that sell goods that have been manufactured in Britain.


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