Power Epic Muscle Bundle

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1 x Freestyle Whipped Iso Whey Shake 900g

1 x Kelp & Alfalfa Muscle Boost 400

1 x Keg Water Bottle 2.2l

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A great introduction to the Allsports:Power range - the Power Epic Muscle Bundle combines some serious muscle-building products.

The bundle contains:

1 x Freestyle Whipped Iso Whey Shake 900g (choice of flavour) (normally £36.97 for one pack!)

1 x Intense Kelp & Alfalfa Muscle Boost 400 tablets

1 x 2.2L Power Water Keg

Whipped Iso Whey Shake:

Super whipped whey isolate - produced by cross-flow ultra filtration and micro filtration - then blended at Allsports to create a super-light yet protein-packed shake. Each 30g serving contains over 25g of pure protein - containing a complete spectrum of amino acids and especially rich in BCAA's (accounting for around 23% of the total amino acid content). Our Whipped Iso Whey Shake is quickly absorbed and is a highly effective way to maintain lean muscle.

Kelp & Alfalfa Muscle Boost:

Combined equal amounts of Kelp and Alfalfa (500mg of each), this is our own unique formula for maintaining a positive nitrogen balance. Alfalfa contains the greatest variety and largest amounts of nutrients of any known plant. It's roots bury deep into the earth to reach minerals inaccessible to most other plants. It contains vitamins A, E, K, B, D, and U, is high in protein and also the minerals phosphorous, iron, potassium, chlorine, sodium, silicon and magnesium. Kelp helps to regulate the thyroid and is beneficial in maintaining the health of mucous membranes keeping the body in peak condition - a must for bodybuilders. This is one of our most popular muscle boosters.

More Information
Nutritional Information Whipped Iso Whey Shake: Per Serving (30g): Energy 469 kJ 108 kcal Carbohydrate 0.59 g Protein 26.2 g Fat 0.19 g Amino Acid Profile g/100 g protein: Aspartic Acid 12.1 g; Glutamic Acid 18.8 g; Alanine 5.1 g; Arginine 2.7 g; Cystine 3 g; Glycine 1.9 g; Histidine 2.1 g;IsoLeucine 5.9 g; Leucine 12.9 g; Lysine 10.4 g; Valine 5.7 g; Methionine 2.4 g; Phenylalanine 3.9 g; Threonine 5.4 g; Proline 5 g; Serine 4.7 g; Tryptophane 2.4 g; Tyrosine 3.9 g. Kelp & Alfalfa Muscle Boost: The protein, fat, carbohydrate and energy values per tablet are negligible.
Ingredients Whipped Iso Whey Shake: Whey Protein Isolate, Flavouring, Sucralose, Lecithin E322 (trace). No artificial colourings. Gluten free Kelp & Alfalfa Muscle Boost: Kelp Powder, Alfalfa, DiCalcium Phosphate, Silica, Magnesium Stearate. No artificial colourings, flavourings or sweeteners. Gluten free
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