Knee Injuries in Athletes: Diagnosis and Recovery

published at 9 Oct 2019

In this article we take an in-depth look at the characteristics of iliotibial band syndrome, which leads to pain in the lateral region of the knee in runners and cyclists, and also outlines the risk factors for developing this injury.


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Less training = Better results??

published at 25 Sep 2019

Can you radically reduce your training volume yet still maintain your performance? Allsports looks at the science, which suggests high-intensity intervals could be the key…


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Persistent Back Pain in Cyclists

published at 19 Sep 2019

Highlighting recent research, Allsports explains why cyclists suffering from chronic low-back pain should look inwards before blaming their bike.


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Kettlebell Training - better than regular weights?

published at 11 Sep 2019

Allsports looks at the recent research on Kettlebell training for sports performance: how effective is it and can the use of Kettlebells be superior to conventional weight training?


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Harness the Power of Competition In Every Training Session!

published at 4 Sep 2019

Allsports looks at recent research suggesting that athletes should use some competition in training – as well as in racing!


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