Product Focus: Energy+ Vitamin Enriched Whey
Published at 18 Sep 2019

High Quality Whey with a Vitamin Boost


An energy boosting combination of high quality whey protein with vitamins.

This can be used as a base for smoothies and shakes or simply as a delicious and highly nutritious protein shake.

Our Vitamin Enriched Whey will help to promote increased muscle tone, control your appetite and top up your muscles with essential amino acids.

This is a great product to add to your daily diet in place of a mid-afternoon or mid-morning snack, delivering essential vitamins and nutrients to prevent energy slumps.

No artificial fillers, preservatives, flavourings, colourings or sweeteners. A great natural product to help maintain good muscle tone - the importance of this increases with age as it is more difficult to maintain skeletal muscle mass as your body gets older. This is a great addition to our range suitable for all ages.


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