Product Focus: Wellness Vegan Multivitamin
Published at 11 Feb 2020

Plant-based daily multivit


Our Wellness Vegan Multivitamin is part of our Allsports:Health range of wellness and wellbeing products designed to deliver energy and health benefits.

A daily multivitamin tablet with 100% of the ingredients sourced from non-animal products, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. This is our own vegan multivit formula and is made up of B vitamins (including folic acid), alongside vitamins C, D and E combined wiht iodine and selenium.

B vitamins in particular are important in vgam supplements as natural food sources tend to be almost entirely animal products - daily supplementation is essential.

Iodine is necessary for healthy thyroid function adn regulates the body's metabolic rate and the addition of selenium provides the body with an excellent antioxidant.

A vegan must-have and just £4.97 for 90 tablets - 1 tablet daily.


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