Product Focus: Pro Mega+ Daily Multivit
Published at 5 Nov 2019

Part of our Allsports:Endura Pro Range


A mega potency multivitamin and mineral formula in a multi-capsule and tablet sachet providing a daily mega dose of essential vitamins and minerals. This product was developed for serious endurance athletes involved in intense training where natural resources are constantly being depleted.

We have carefully designed the balance - each daily sachet contains a multivitamin and mineral capsule, a vitamin B booster tablet and a vitamin E booster capsule.

Vitamin B will help to combat tiredness and fatigue, and a Vitamin E boost will provide an extra dose of the anti-coagulant and oxygen-carrying properties it provides.

Athletes engaged in intense physical activity will completely deplete their own natural resources and it is sometimes difficult to get all the essential vitamins and minerals from food sources alone. Our Mega+ Daily sachet is the perfect choice!


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