Product Focus: Intense Slow Release Overnight Protein
Published at 24 Sep 2019

Product Focus: Slow Release Overnight Protein, part of the new Allsports:Power Intense Range


Healing, recovery, tissue repair and muscle growth are maximised during sleep.

Sleep is no excuse for not building muscle - our Slow Release Overnight Protein will allow your body to build muscle even without you knowing. Muscles will repair whilst the body is sleeping so before you go to bed feed them with a serving of this rich, sustained release Caseinate protein. It's a great way to pack more protein into your daily diet without the wastage and also prevents early morning hunger pangs.

The excellent protein supplement perfectly complements our ZMA™ supplement, also in the Intense range. It consists of a unique combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6.

Zinc is an anabolic mineral required for the production of growth hormone and testosterone which promotes tissue repair, healing and growth. Magnesium aids the transport of oxygen to the muscles, which promotes stregth, endurance and relaxation.

You can add ZMA™ supplemwnt to your Slow Release Overnight Protein to provide an extra muscle building boost, or simply take alone. Both supplements are designed for taking before sleep so maximise the potency!!


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