Product Focus: Mature Active for Life Booster
Published at 14 May 2019

Product Focus: Allsports:Health Mature Active for Life Booster


An excellent supplemental aid to maintaining muscle health - these multi-tablet sachets are designed to be taken with a meal or a protein shake to enable maximum protein absorption into the system. The sachet contains a combination of vitamin D, Potassium and amino acids created to be taken alongside our other Mature products as a natural insurance against muscle loss (attributed to ageing) and ensure you can maintain an active lifestyle throughout your senior years. Amino acids will help the body to absorb protein from food or shakes, reducing the amount of muscle loss that occurs as part of the ageing process. Reduced muscle leads to a reduction in lean body mass and reduced functionality, and so it is essential that the body is fully utilising its protein sources. Potassium is essential for nerve and muscle functions and vitamin D will provide a strength boost for your bones, delivering a strong body for you to maintain an active lifestyle.

Active For Life Booster


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