Product Focus: Vitality Immunity Support & Defence
Published at 29 Oct 2019

Part of our Allsports:Woman Range


Start prepping for the cold Winter months now wiht our all-in-one support system.

Our all-in-one support mechanism for your immune system, this capsule combines immunity-boosting ingredients vitamins A, C and E with bee pollen and selenium to deliver a powerful daily defence system for you. Selenium functions in the body as an anti-oxidant, preventing oxygen reacting with other substances and damaging cells. A lack of selenium has been associated with accelerated ageing. Combined with powerful immune boosters, Vitamins C, E, A and bee pollen this is an excellent all-rounder defence supplement. Great for women of all ages, especially if you are regularly active, this supplement will give your body a well needed boost as the 'coughs and colds season' sets in.

As featured in the October 2019 issue of Health & Wellbeing magazine, this is becoming one of our bestsellers in the Allsports:Woman range.


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