Product Focus: Wellness Odourless Garlic
Published at 15 Oct 2019

Boost Your Heart Health


What's In It?

Garlic contains potassium, phosphorous, a significant amount of B and C vitamins, as well as calcium and protein. It has been found effective in cleansing the blood of excess glucose (which can be a causative factor in arteriosclerosis and heart attacks). It has also been reported to alleviate sore throats, catarrh and bronchial congestion. Our Odourless Garlic supplement delivers all the benefits of garlic but leaves less odour on the breath as they are dissolved in the lower digestive tract, rather than in the stomach.

The heart health benefits associated with garlic supplements are due to its ability to inhibit enzymes involved in lips synthesis, decreasing platelet aggregation, preventing lipid peroxidation and increasing antioxidant status. 

Who Can Benefit?

Consumers have long been aware of the health benefits of garlic supplements - seeking out the health benefits of garlic without the odours that are associated with the fresh bulb.

The benefits have been linked to the compound allicin, which is not found in fresh garlic - it is only formed when garlic is crushed, which breaks down a compound called dilly sulphide.

Garlic supplements are beneficial to all but especially important to those who have high blood pressure and possibly susceptible to the heart conditions named above.

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