Product Focus: Freestyle Pre-Workout Carb Booster
Published at 22 Oct 2019

Product Focus: Freestyle Pre-Workout Carb Booster from our Allsports:Power range


100% pure energy delivered via this high quality pure maltodextrin carb booster. Pure carbs with no additives for pure energy. A great value pre-workout fuel with no added ingredients - just energy in its purest form.

It can be used for carb loading prior to an event or as an energy source taken before the start of training.

Carbohydrates are key to improving performance: they are the highest energy production fuel your body can take to perform physical exercise. Whether the exercise is during training or during competing, two things are vital for optimum performance:

  1. The right carbohydrate mixture and concentration
  2. When to take it.

Without going into too much physiology it is important ti know that athletes always have fat calories to burn but they run out of carbohydrate calories in seconds. When you become exhausted due to exercising your muscle glycogen and blood glucose levels are low, your body will then start to burn fat but this will result in a drop in performance. So it is important to have carbohydrate calories to burn so that as little fat as possible is used. During training you should derive as much energy as possible from carbohydrates in order to build on your strength and endurance, and improve your performance.

There is a third reason for using the right kind of carbohydrates and that is to out you in the right physical and mental state after training. If you can leave your training session on a high then you are far more likely  to want to come back.

It used to be a common conception that taking carbohydrates during exercise was the only way to improve performance, but glucose in the blood is not nearly as effective an energy source as glycogen stored in muscle tissue which has been taken in beforehand.

Muscle glycogen can be used straight away but blood glucose has to undergo a chemical conversion before it can be used.

Studies have shown that stored muscle glycogen before exercise is most important in influencing performance. It is therefore important if you are looking to optimise performance that the highest levels of muscle glycogen are obtained between one training session and the next. This is just as relevant to the strength athlete as to the endurance athlete.

Pre-Workout Carb Booster


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