Product Focus: Endura Pro Beetroot Shot
Published at 7 May 2019



The Power of Beetroot

Why not take a closer look at our newly launched Endura Pro Beetroot Shot?

Each 60ml bottle packs in over 400mg of nitrates, week know for enhancing endurance performance. Take 1 or 2 shots a few hours before exercise to improve on the amount of time you can train for. If you are building up to a competition or event take for the 6 days leading up to it to give yourself a huge nitrate boost.

Totally natural, we make this in small batches at our factory and add a little natural lemon juice for flavour and as a preservative to ensure our shots reach you in perfect condition. Not as astringent tasting as some alternatives available on the market - try for yourself and see what you think!

If you buy 12 or more you save over 24% on the usual price.

Beetroot Shot


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