Tropical Energy Balls Recipe

published at 15 Apr 2019
This weekend we had a go at making some delicious energy balls!... More

Essential Fatty Acids: the key to shedding fat?

published at 10 Apr 2019

Essential Fatty Acids: conserving carbohydrate whilst shedding fat. Really?

... More

Product Focus: CoQ10

published at 9 Apr 2019

A close up on the wonder nutrient: Coenzyme Q10

... More

Smoothies Tried & Tested

published at 1 Apr 2019
This weekend we've tried out three delicious smoothie recipes - why not give them a go!... More

The Role of Leucine in the Recovery Process

published at 27 Mar 2018
Research studies to date have suggested that those who train or compete on consecutive days will gradually deplete their levels of muscle glycogen - even if extra carbohydrate is consumed after each exercise session.... More
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