Regular Vitamin D Supplementation Key to Surviving COVID-19?

Regular Vitamin D Supplementation Key to Surviving COVID-19?

5th November 2020
Study: Elderly patients previously on vitamin D3 supplements more likely to survive COVID-19

We’re always on the lookout for new studies and trials to gain insights into the finer details of the health and nutrition products that we offer to our customers. This week we have been sent a study that focuses on Vitamin D supplementation preceding contracting COVID-19 and large doses given after contracting the disease in elderly hospital patients.

As something that is constantly on our minds in 2020 – be it worrying about ourselves of our loved ones – this study is yet another clear indication that everyone should be supplementing their diets with Vitamin D.

The study details and a link that takes you straight to the study analysis can be found below and contain both informative and important information about the necessity of this truly remarkable supplement.

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Elderly patients who have previously taken vitamin D3 supplements are more likely to survive COVID-19 but a single standard dose of 80,000 IU vitamin D3 after infection is probably too low and too late in the day to generate protective effects, according to the first quasi-experimental study into this link.

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