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Doncaster Cycle Festival Raffle Winner!

We invited all vistors at the Doncaster Cycle Festival on Sunday 11th June 2017 to enter our raffle to win a hamper of Allsports Nutrition goodies. The winner was drawn at random this morning and it is Carole Culpan - congratulations Carole!

Strength Training Tip

Strength training to increase endurance?

They may seem poles apart but heavy strength training can benefit endurance athletes - an indeed any athlete wanting to increase their muscle economy (less oxygen needed to sustain a given activity). Read on for more information...

Ultimate Mass Gold

To be able to produce a great performance in any competition there has to have been a large volume of training beforehand - for runners, plenty of running, for cyclists, plenty of pedalling and so on. However, with this amount of training mileage comes the increased risk of injury which is why the introduction of strength training has come under the spotlight: stronger, more resilient muscles and tendons are known to help keep the risk of running injuries at bay. If you can improve your muscle economy (how the muscles use oxygen when exercising) then you can reduce fatigue and increase endurance - short, low-volume but high-intensity strength session can do this. Lower body exercises such as lunges, squats and leg presses will all count towards strength training - keep sessions as far apart as possible from endurance sessions, and increase the amount when in off-season periods to allow maximum recovery between sessions. Muscle power is not just for strength trainers, nor is building lean muscle. Supplements can be effective in aiding muscle building, only when taken alongside a well thought out training plan. The supplement itself won't build the muscle it will just feed it - you have to be the builder. Reverse it for strength sports The same science can be applied in reverse - if your sport is all about strength training, improve your muscle economy by adding in endurance training. Greater muscle economy will reflect in greater muscle power, and in turn greater muscle power will provide gains in muscle economy. Include an activity that is different to your usual training, and why not try Ultimate Mass Gold (no with 50% off until Friday 10th June) in your diet, and see the benefits for yourself.

Charity News

Allsports Director Mark took on the challenge of two marathons this Spring - London and Edinburgh - raising money for Prostate Cancer UK. His youngest daughter also joined the team in Edinburgh, taking part in the Junior 2K and raising £315. Mark raised £2817.85 through donations, cloth weigh-ins and a run-time sweepstake wich brought the grand total raised to £3132.85

Prostate Cancer UK improves the care and welfare of those affected by prostate cancer, increase investment in research, and raise public and political awareness of a long-neglected disease.

Mark running down The Mall completing the first of his two marathons.

New Website now fully launched!

Welcome to our new website which launched at the beginning of January, if you have any questions or are having trouble logging in please get in touch

We now have an added review function so you can post your thoughts and tips on your favourite products and let other customers know how you get the best out of the products that you use. You can also send us any news you have and we can post it here on our blog!

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